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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical. WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

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The Lost Fog Collection E-Juice Review

The Lost Fog Collection Juice Review. The opinions of this e-juice review are of Metal Gear Vapor. Each user's experience may vary. Vape Juice King encourages everyone to watch several reviews before making their final vaping purchase. Continue reading

E-Cigarette Inventor Hon Lik on Vaping

E-Cigarette Inventor Hon Lik on Vaping. Story by Matt Ridley, Newsnight UK. E-Cigarette Inventor Hon Lik on Vaping. Story by Matt Ridley Newsnight UK. Quitting is suffering Hon Lik said on why he invented the e-cigarette. Few people have heard of Hon Lik, which is a pity because he’s probably saved more lives already than anybody else I have met. Twelve years ago, he invented vaping — the idea of getting nicotine vapor from an electronic device rather than a miniature bonfire between your lips. Vaping is driving smoking out at an extraordinary rate, promising to achieve what decades of public health measures have largely failed to do. And it is doing so without official encouragement, indeed with some official resistance. Check out the full story Here

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Avid Lyfe Able Mod Cotton Candy Torpedo Deck

Avid Lyfe Able Mod Cotton Candy with Torpedo Deck. Rikki Elevape showing off the Avid Lyfe Able Cotton Candy mod and blowing some clouds. The Able mod is complemented with the Modfather cap, Half Moon tip, and Torpedo deck.

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Traditional Cigarette vs E-Cig Shocking Video

Traditional Cigarette vs E-Cig Shocking Video

This video shows the major difference between traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. Keep in mind while watching this video, the traditional cigarette appears to already have it's own filter!

This video was created by the Kwit Cig team. They are using the Mister Smokes Research and Development facility to show what is really harmful in traditional cigarettes.

Mister Smoke is a specialist supplier of wholesale premium quality electronic cigarettes. Mister Smoke has it's own onsite development and production facility for producing their own E-Liquid brand and OEM white label E-liquid.

This video is for informational purposes only, to help you form your own opinion as to the possible dangers of vaping vs traditional cigarette smoking.

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Flying Dutchman Vapors E-Juice Review

Flying Dutchman Vapors E-Juice Review, by Joe of all Vapes. Joe says: "These guys are dear to my heart! As my very first review contributor's (and its shows in the quality of the video, lol) I have had the chance to really get to know the guys that run the show at Flying Dutchman Vapors. Great folks all around, and very supportive of the vaping culture. They were also the first contributor's to my very first Instagram giveaway!"

*Apparition: Pear and menthol awesomeness!!

*Scallywag: Rich flavored Lime Margarita!

*Blue Plunder: Blueberry and Greek creamy yogurt (my fav!)

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